Announcement: MA Graduate to Speak at Commencement

The University of Texas Tower at Graduation with Fireworks - II

This weekend is Commencement at the University of Texas, and we’d like to again offer our hearty congratulations to all of those in the department who will be leaving with BAs, MAs, and Ph.D.s!

We’d also like to share some related news about one particular student: Carrie Andersen, who will be graduating with an MA, has been selected to speak at the University-wide Commencement Concert that immediately precedes the procession of degree candidates in the main mall. She recently completed her MA report on representations of Kennedy’s assassination in videogames, and how they reconstruct historical memory and political ideology, and she’ll continue on in the program as a Ph.D. student.

Her remarks at Commencement will center on a decidedly more whimsical topic: the recent internet celebrity known as Double Rainbow Guy.

The concert begins at 7:20pm on Saturday, May 19 in front of the Tower. If you’re not in Austin, you can watch the webcast here.

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