Announcement: Elizabeth Engelhardt on UT TV Show, ‘Game Changers’

We are very excited to share the news that one of our faculty members, Elizabeth Engelhardt, will be featured on a television show on the Longhorn Network called Game Changers, which highlights “our most dynamic and inspirational faculty with fresh perspectives about contemporary and relevant topics.”

Texas-Style Barbecued Brisket from the Oven

Brisket, Texas style – one topic of conversation!

She’ll be discussing the importance and relevance of southern food, from greens to barbecue:

A southern meal of fried chicken or barbecue, homegrown tomatoes, a mess of greens, and peaches. Should they be subjects of academic research? Does southern food matter? We live in an era of great interest in food—with high stakes questions of who has enough food, what food contributes to our society’s and our planet’s health, and how food makes reputations of people or places. Simultaneously, a cultural fascination with the US South has continued for at least two hundred years. Civil rights, identity, definitions of home and away are debated in portraits of southern culture. When we bring the two together and apply academic lens to southern food, we access complex gender, racial, and class politics of the past as well as our present. Our discussion reveals the southern food matters in a meal, a can of tomatoes, a pot of greens, and a pitmaster’s story.

All of YOU are invited to attend the taping on Wednesday, June 20, at 6:00pm at KLRU, Studio 6A, in the Jesse H. Jones Communications Building (CMB 6th Floor).

RSVP here (scroll down for directions – don’t worry, it’s free!). The doors will open around 5:15pm, and the taping will last until 7:00pm.

Be there or be square – it will be a really fun and fascinating event!

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