Stories from Summer Vacation: Andrew Jones finds “Americana in unusual places”

The following report comes to use from UT American Studies doctoral student Andrew Jones:

Greetings from Edinburgh, Scotland where I am supervising a group of students from the McCombs School of Business on a summer program at the University of Edinburgh. There are 28 students with me who study a combination of Business Law and European Union law for five weeks with Professors from UT and from Edinburgh. In addition to studying, there’s also a cultural component to the course which I organize that consists of visits to various historical sites, samplings of local fayre and the hokey but fun tourist sites of the city. The work can be fairly intense at times, but the students are great and it’s a relief to be away from 99° weather back in Austin, although this has been thus far the wettest summer on record in the UK.!

As well as the work and the continuing work on my dissertation, I’ve been documenting (to paraphrase Philip Deloria) “Americana in unusual places” as the photographs below demonstrate. I’m always on the lookout for instances of cultural transmission from the US and reception in the UK and what happens in the spaces in-between. Naturally, some of these are humorous for Britons “getting it slightly wrong” but sometimes these morph into interesting new manifestations of culture(s), case in point: fried chicken restaurants in Britain.

Naturally, I’ll keep y’all up to date with any of the more colorful examples I encounter!

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