Announcement: PLEASE VOTE On Our Departmental Theme for 2013-2014!

American Studies

American Studies at Burning Man 2008

Last year, the Department of American Studies launched its first annual departmental theme, “DREAM.” The theme gives us a way to connect our diverse events (loosely) so that we have a year-long series of conversations. It will provide connection for undergrads across classes and across departmental events (if each class touches on the theme and you attend a movie screening and you see a lecture… then you see how intellectual ideas can cross-fertilize) and will provide creative informal writing, interview, conversational topics, or image production that can go on the blog, the webpage, and elsewhere.

This past school year, our blog featured the ways that particular classes treated the DREAM theme, our graduate conference was entitled “Reimagining the American Dream” and explored conceptions of the rags-to-riches narrative within America, and we also offered a film series on the broad theme of public and private dreams.

The time has come to select a new departmental theme, and WE NEED YOUR INPUT. Please fill out the form linked here to help us select a theme inspiring the coming year’s conversations, events, social media, and classes. And spread the word! We would love to see what you folks are interested in.

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