Announcement: Artist Laurie Anderson Begins Visiting Professorship This Week!

We are thrilled to announce that experimental performing artist and composer Laurie Anderson begins her stint as the C. L. and Henriette Cline Centennial Visiting Professor in the Humanities at UT Austin this week! Anderson will be on campus on and off throughout the semester to present exhibitions, videos, and talks to complement her performance of “Landfall.”

The following comes to us from the Humanities Institute, which is putting on a number of great events featuring Anderson and her work:

A graduate of Barnard College with an MFA in sculpture from Columbia University, Anderson is an experimental performing artist and composer renowned for her innovative use of technology in the arts. This includes incorporating such devices as elaborate installation pieces, voice filters, and improvised musical instruments. Throughout her career she has cast herself in roles as wide-ranging as poet, composer, photographer, filmmaker, vocalist, and instrumentalist.

Over the past three decades, Anderson has performed throughout the United States and internationally. Some of her notable works include United States I-V, Empty Places, The Nerve Bible, and Songs and Stories for Moby Dick. She has also presented a number of acclaimed solo works, including Happiness, which premiered in 2001.

The first phase of her residency, from September 9-11, 2013, includes a seminar with University faculty and graduate students, and a public showing of Laurie Anderson: Collected Films and Videos, followed by a question-and-answer session. The second visit, from September 25-27, features discussions with faculty and students, and the opening of the Landfall exhibit at the Visual Arts Center. During her final visit, from October 15-17, Anderson will perform with Kronos Quartet in the Texas premiere of Landfall at the Bass Concert Hall. There will be talk-backs after the performance and the following morning (photo: Laurie Anderson performing with Kronos Quartet).

To learn more about Laurie Anderson and her work, please visit her official website. A recent interview with Texas Monthly editor Evan Smith on “Overheard” can be viewed here.

Hope to see you this week at “Laurie Anderson: Collected Films and Videos” with Q&A on Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. in the Grand Ballroom, Salon C, AT&T Executive Education Center. Stay tuned for more announcements of exciting events this week at UT, and stay up-to-date with everything going on by checking out our calendar!

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