Congratulations to our Spring 2014 graduates!

We would like to extend our congratulations and best wishes to the following graduates of the American Studies program this spring. Go forth and do awesome things, everyone!



Andrew Friedenthal

Eric Covey

Andy Jones

Lisa Powell



Caroline Pinkston


B.A. (this includes students who are both graduating and/or walking)

Ogbaa Stephen Agwu

Ricardo Isaac Alanis

Patrick W. Arnold

Jeremy Kahn Aron

Grant Blessing Bates

Sabrina Christine Bigelow

Charlotte McHenry Blount

Sarabeth J. Bratton

Taj Aimee Bruno

Candace Morgan Bundick

Michelle Eileen Burdin

Alyse Michelle Camus

Andrea Nicole Champion

Shannon Kay Collins

Collyn Lucille Cooper

Grace Gibson Hansen

Melissa Patrice Herman

Lauren Faye Jackson

Lillian Ann Jenevein

Morgan Summer Machiorlette

Andrew Aaron Martinez

William Ben Merritt

Meghan Elizabeth Quirk

Elizabeth Adela Rubio

Kelly Suzanne Salas

Lillie J. Schechter

Amanda Michelle Sejnowski

Ryan William Steinhart

Demetrius Jaron White

One comment on “Congratulations to our Spring 2014 graduates!

  1. Congrats at all levels—a lot of impressive and important work being done… thanks for all of your scholarly diligence and creativity!

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