Grad Research: PhD Candidate Carrie Andersen wins P.E.O. Scholar Award!

We love it when our grad students do awesome stuff, so we’re thrilled to be able to share that PhD Candidate Carrie Andersen has been awarded the prestigious P.E.O. Scholar Award!

11150307_10102030799772771_5875756648760492413_nCarrie’s advisor, Dr. Randolph Lewis, had the following to say about Carrie’s work in a recent Chicago Tribune article announcing the award:

Few scholars have reckoned with the profound implications of UAVs or “drones” in ways that go beyond the legality of CIA drone strikes on foreign soil or private drones invading our backyard pool parties with remote-controlled video cameras. These are important matters, but Carrie is exploring something that extends far beyond a single academic discipline, something that requires an interdisciplinary fusion of research and method, indeed, something that probes to the heart of American culture.

Congratulations, Carrie!

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