UT AMS Grad Student Julie Kantor Featured in Ukrainian Anthology of American Poetry


UT AMS grad student Julie Kantor has three poems in translation featured in a Ukrainian anthology of young American poets. The book, titled Anthology of Young Poetry of the U.S.A, was largely “assembled, compiled, and translated by Taras Malkovych, a young Ukrainian poet who lived in NYC researching young U.S. poets as a Fulbright Scholarship holder.”

Julie was also recently featured on The Conversant, in conversation with poet Jesse Nathan.

Below, we’ve included 1 of 2)W/Out Trees, one of Julie’s poems from the Anthology of Young American Poets:

Sun stuck in leaf-thick tops buried-in so close they adjoin at once separate ends, not knowing space right above we feel blood the vital force of the body, what I give what I can will become yours; the enclosure from sky opens up as 24th street doesn’t end but is interrupted by the 101. You do not talk back to me. What I give, what I can and doesn’t become, and you do what you want with it. I still remember now I didn’t understand, I called it useless, the day you ripped out the tree, you said it had to go.

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