Thursday: Dr. Doug Rossinow on Austin in the 60s

We hope you’ll join us this Thursday, October 13th in Painter Hall 3.02 for a talk by Dr. Doug Rossinow, about Austin in the 1960s. Dr. Rossinow’s book, The Politics of Authenticity, is commonly taught in UT AMS. We’ve included an image of the poster and a description of Dr. Rossinow’s talk, below.


Austin was a major center of youth protest and dissident culture in the 1960s — a radical center with a distinctive Texas identity. Civil rights agitation, dissident religion, peace mobilization, leftist radicalism, women’s liberation, and a unique underground culture: it all happened here, and most of all at UT. Soon it will be fifty years since the world-shaking year 1968. Looking back with the benefit of a half-century’s perspective, Professor Rossinow will reflect on the significance of the 1960s for today, and on what Austin’s Sixties tells us about that era.

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