On view at the Bullock Texas State History Museum from 4/14/18 through 01/02/19, Comanche Motion: The Art of Eric Teppeconnic is an exhibition of thirty-four works by contemporary Comanche artist Eric Teppeconnic, paired with historical Comanche artifacts.


Eric Tippeconnic, “The Chairman.” Acrylic on Canvas, Bullock Texas State History Museum.



Per the Bullock Museum’s description of the exhibition:

“Filled with symbolism and meaning, Tippeconnic’s paintings highlight the strength, beauty, and grace of the Comanche past and present. The paintings are rich with history and the unbroken connection the Comanche people have with their roots, but they are not romanticized or stagnant expressions of a bygone era. Rather, Tippeconnic’s art is full of movement, color, and life — a bold statement that Comanche culture is vibrantly alive in the modern world.”

More information about the exhibition can be found here.

Eric Tippeconnic is a visual artist whose father is Comanche, and whose mother is a first generation immigrant from Copenhagen. You can learn more about his work and biography here.

One comment on “Bullock Exhibition: COMANCHE MOTION: THE ART OF ERIC TIPPECONNIC

  1. Jay Haeske says:

    I wasn’t aware of him before but I like his work a lot. Thanks for this post!

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