UT AMS PhD Student Ja’nell N. Ajani Hosts SXSW EDU Panel on “Prisons as a Learning Space”

AJANI- Image Credit by Jamel Shabazz

UT AMS PhD student Ja’nell N. Ajani. Photo by Jamel Shabazz. 

On Wednesday, March 6th, as part of SXSW EDU 2019, UT AMS PhD student Ja’nell N. Ajani hosted a panel of academics, artists, and educators entitled “Imagination & Ingenuity: Prison as a Learning Space.” The panel explored “prisons as a learning space for imagination and ingenuity,” and featured a screening of “Fishing,” a short animated film by Dr. Michael Ralph (NYU, Department of Social and Cultural Analysis) “capturing the ingenuity of people who are incarcerated.” In addition to Ajani, who is an Advisory Board Member for SXSW EDU, and Ralph, the panel featured Dr. Brandi Summers (VCU, Department of African American Studies) and Osborne Foundation mentor Moses “El Sun” White as discussants.

Check out Ajani’s post-panel interview with UT Austin’s Kendall Slagle here!

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