Dr. Nicole Guidotti-Hernández to Co-Edit “Latinx: The Future is Now” Series with UT Press

UT_Press_logoUT AMS Associate Professor Dr. Nicole Guidotti-Hernandez, along with Dr. Lorgia Garcia-Peña, Associate Professor of Latinx Studies at Harvard University, will co-edit a new series with University of Texas Press, Latinx: The Future is Now.

According to UT Press, the new series “will focus on ways in which the racial, cultural, and social formations of historical Latinx communities can engage and enhance scholarship across geographies and nationalities” through “projects that consider the multiple queer and gender-fluid possibilities that are embodied in the “x”; projects that have a feminist critique of patriarchy at the center of their intellectual work; projects that deploy a relational approach to ethnic and national groups; and projects that address the overlapping dynamics of gender, race, sexual, and national identities.”

Forthcoming projects in the series will be listed on the UT Press Website as they are published.

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