UT AMS Hosts “Second Annual” PechaKucha

On Friday, October 18th, UT American Studies hosted its “second annual” PechaKucha. After reviving the tradition last fall, the department came together to hear presentations on research trips and upcoming projects.

The rules for presenters were simple: show twenty slides for twenty seconds each and speak as the slides advance automatically.

A huge thank you to the UT AMS faculty and graduate students who presented, and a special shout out to PhD candidate Judson Barber for being our fabulous emcee!

UT AMS PechaKucha 2019

Dr. Janet Davis, “‘aumakua”

Dr. Lauren Gutterman, “The Myth of Separation”

Bahar Tahamtani, “American Atrocities One Through Ten”

Dr. Brendan Gaughen, “Written in the Cards: Desert Storm Trading Cards as a Teaching Tool”

Dr. Randy Lewis, “Into Wasteland”

Kameron Dunn, “WTFurry: American Studies and the Furry Fandom”

Dr. Steve Hoelscher, “Lest We Forget”

Holly Genovese, “Outkast, Afrofuturism, and Black Southern Carceral Resistance”

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