Symposium: Practices of Play

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Friday, November 14, 2014

CLA 1.302B, Julius Glickman Conference Center Meeting Room

This one-day symposium explores ways that play, as a practice and method, informs the humanities, arts, and education. Through an interdisciplinary series of talks, discussions, and interactive opportunities, we will explore play as a mode of being in, exploring, and transforming the world of the early twenty-first century. Participants come from disciplines that include American Studies, English, information studies, media studies, game design, visual art, medicine, and education.

1000 – 1030am: Practices of Play: Introduction and welcome | Patrick Jagoda (UChicago)

1030 – 1200: The Playful Humanities | Stephanie Boluk (Pratt), Randy Lewis (UT Austin), Tanya Clement (UT Austin)

1200 – 100: Lunch | Calvin Johns (UT Austin)

100 – 215: Education and Play | Melissa Gilliam (UChicago), Ashlyn Sparrow (Game Changer Chicago)

215 – 230: Break

230 – 400: Art and Games | Eddo Stern (UCLA), Paolo Pedercini (Carnegie Mellon)

400 – 500: Group discussion Core participants and visitors encouraged to participate

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