Stories from Summer Vacation: A Dispatch from Dr. Bob Abzug

Today we press onward in our feature of fun summertime activities! Dr. Bob Abzug, Professor of American Studies, Oliver H. Radkey Regents Professor of History, and Director of the Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies (phew!) offers us this dispatch from a vacation spot far from the grip of Austin’s summer heat:

Penne and I will be spending the month of July in Billings, Montana, where we rent a loft-like condo carved from an old Swift Meat Processing Plant, right next to the railroad tracks, where we both will be writing and visiting Penne’s relatives and going to rodeos, bullriding competitions, and minor league baseball games. The days are long, the weather comparatively cool, and the internet a sometime thing. I have included two pictures that illustrate that life a little, these taken last summer. Our local bar, a three minute walk from the loft, and the bull ring in Acton (population 75), a half hour drive out of town. I can feel the cool air just thinking about it.